Company VILMA


VILMA is a company that specialises in the development and manufacture of conductor bar systems with trolley-collectors, and markets products which are the result of the extensive experience of its designers.

Siège de la société Vilma

The principal fields of application in which our current collectors operate include overhead cranes, electric hoists on monorails, travelling gantry cranes, hand operated travelling girder cranes, overhead conveyors with self-propelled trolleys.

Specialist in the transmission of energy by electric rails

The current collectors form the SOURCE for the transfer of mobile electrical power to the handling equipment.
The current carrying capacities of the various models we supply range from 1 to 800 A and up to 600 V, depending on the application.
Applications are not restricted to this area of activity, but extend to the supply of electrical power for final dynamic inspection of various items of equipment leaving assembly areas, including household equipment, photocopiers and television sets.

Safety: The majority of our bar systems are protected inside an insulating cover to prevent any accidental contact with the energised conductors, in accordance with the requirements of Standards IEC 529 and offering a degree of protection to IP23.

In parallel with our travelling power supply products, we offer metal covers for cabling systems for suspension and for electrical supplies which are fixed but which may need to be moved, workshop lighting assemblies as well as assemblies for various portable tools and welding stations.

Nominal current 32 A 3-phase + Neutral + PE. 10 amp lockable spurs.

The various illustrations show our full range and some special applications.