bar system

type VA38

Rail électrique multiconducteur type VA38

Open trunking with conductors in horizontal ribbon cable:

  • Small overall dimensions
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Interior of trunking and conductors visible
  • Trolleys may be removed at any point on the line
  • Precise guidance of collector trolley using 8 ball-bearings
  • Ventilated profile so that foreign matter cannot accumulate
  • Protection against accidental contact with the conductors

Technical characteristics

  • Overall bar dimensions : width 127 mm x height 50 mm
  • Curving with radii from 1000 mm
  • Rated up to 50A
  • Up to 8 conductors
  • Under cover installation, outdoor installation possible
  • Degree of protection : IP23


  • Electrical power for travelling overhead cranes
  • Electrical power for hoists
  • Power supply for electric hangar doors
  • Capable of adaptation to special applications for supplying electrical power to mobile equipment